Boris Goldmund has a diverse and rich background as a performance artist, actor, dancer, harpist, choreographer, arts producer, recording artist, executive producer, arts administrator and event producer.   He has been granted over $4.3 million for his work since 1979 and his company has created and produced works in Cincinnati, NYC, San Francisco, Berlin, Anaheim, Seattle, and Italy.  

Boris  was introduced to harp by Elaine Humphries and went on to study with world-renowned harpist Mildred Dilling.

He was featured harpist at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco from 1991-2001 while simultaneously harpist for the US Navy on Treasure Island.  

He has performed for Presidents Carter, Clinton & Reagen and produced music for Presidents Obama and George W Bush.  Also to his credit are performances for and with First Ladies Nancy Reagen and HIllary Clinton, Colin Powell,  the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the President of Katsakstan, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, US Senator Diane Feinstein, and many more.    

His CDs are in distribution in 114 countries globally.   He performs frequently on both coasts of the USA and has performed in Berlin and Italy as well.  

His world fusion ensemble Bogofusion has opened for Stevie Wonder at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, the Foo Fighters in San Jose, and for Elvis Costello at Ruby Skye in San Francisco.    He has eight CDs.  

Fire Dance  by David Watkins     

Relationship by Boris Goldmund

Gratitude by Boris Goldmund