Bogofusion is the ever expanding universe of musical collaborations of harpist, Boris Goldmund.  

Since its inception in 1991, Bogofusion has evolved into  the place-to-go for music-made-to-order.  

We've created music for Fortune Magazine's International Awards in Washington, DC,  The US State Dept in Washington, CD,  Opening Music for Cirque du Soleil's "Allegria", and even an  opening act for Stevie Wonder at NYC's Plaza Hotel,  Live Music for President Obama's Presidential Campaign and opening acts for both the Foo Fighters and Elvis Costello!

We've underscored keynotes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other titans of Silicon Valley.  

When talent agencies across the US seek an experienced team of musicians to create affordable musical solutions for their clients with public and private events,  we're there to provide an array of options.  

Explore this site and its ever-unfolding options by clicking on any circle and then any artist photos you see for audio and video demos, descriptions and more.